Birling Gap

Birling Gap

Work began towards the end of 2017 to replace the staircase at Birling Gap, a project commissioned to us by Wealden District Council. Despite the weather causing a few challenges along the way, the staircase was reopened on the 21st of December 2017, in time for the busy Christmas holidays when the area attracts many visitors.

The new staircase has been relocated 5.8m north of the previous position tight against the existing cliff face, which is eroding at a rate of approximately 0.7m per year.

The plan going forward is to relocate the staircase every 8-10 years as a part of a Managed Retreat Programme that allows the chalk cliffs to erode naturally, instead of using man made techniques to try to halt the process. This is the third time that C J Thorne & Co have been involved in moving the staircase at this busy tourist location.

Well done to Rob, Harry and their team for a first-class job.

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